Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Changes to HRDF

The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) provides eligible support staff with funding for professional development and personal wellness courses. The following changes will be made to the HRDF program effective April 1, 2011:

Funding Periods:
Effective April 1, 2011, the number of funding periods will increase to four per year. This will provide an even distribution of funds throughout the year and create more windows of opportunity for employees to apply for funding to cover professional development and personal wellness courses.

Updated Schedule:

For courses/conferences which start between Applications will be accepted beginning:
April 1—June 30 March 1
July 1—September 30 June 1
October 1—December 31 September 1
January 1—March 31 December 1

Travel Coverage:
Travel/transportation expenses to attend conferences or workshops will be reduced to 50 percent. This will give more people the ability to access funds directly related to learning and development.

For more information please visit the HRDF website. Questions can be directed to the HRDF Committee Contact: Cara Jones