Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Academic Staff: Upcoming Academic Review Dates

The following table has important dates for yearly Academic Staff reviews. Early submissions are welcomed and encouraged.
Administrative Professional Officer
By April 1 Supervisor requests Annual Report from APO’s.
By April 15                             APO submits completed Annual Report to Supervisor.
By April 30 APO and Supervisor meet to review/modify and complete final copy of Annual Report.
By May 15 Dean/Vice-President reviews supervisor’s summary and increment recommendation.
By June 1 Dean/Vice-President submits increment recommendations to Academic Services.
By July 31 Provost or delegate informs APO of final increment decision.
Temporary Academic Staff (CAST, SOTS)
By June 30 Submit Pay Action Forms to Academic Services for increments taking effect July 1.
By April 30 Staff Members whose appointments are longer than one year submit an annual report to their Trustholder.
By May 30 Trustholders forward the results of performance reviews to the appropriate Dean or Vice-President for approval and then to Academic Services for processing.