Friday, 16 March 2012

Update: Posting Positions for Foreign Nationals

Service Canada has revised the requirements for posting positions on the Canada Job Bank (CJB). Departments are now required to provide a salary range when posting any position on the CJB, reflecting the salary range of the related Staff Agreement.

The ad will only be posted on the CJB at the department’s request.  A note stating, “salary to be negotiated”, will also be included at the bottom of all CJB postings, as well as a link to the posting on the U of A Careers site.

Service Canada requires that HRS maintains copies of postings when hiring a Foreign National. It is important to note that HRS maintains copies of posting from the U of A Careers site only. Departments are responsible for printing out the advertisement on the U of A Careers website, prior to expiring.  The start and end dates must be indicated for each public advertisement in which the ad appeared.

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