Friday, 10 August 2012

Support Staff: HRDF Funding Allocation and Borrowing Changes

Recent negotiations have resulted in changes to the way the Human Resources Development Fund is administered. Important changes have been made to the allocation of funding and terms for borrowing.

The Human Resources Development Fund provides eligible support staff with funding for professional development and personal wellness courses. Oversight of the Fund is carried out by the Learning and Development Committee (HRDF Committee). The Terms of Reference for the committee are established in the NASA/Governor’s collective agreement in APPENDIX G.

The goal of the HRDF Committee is to increase access to learning and development opportunities and maximize the use of allocated resources. To this end, the committee made recommendations to redirect additional dollars towards job enhancement opportunities to the bargaining team early this year.

Negotiations resulted in agreements that impacted several articles about HRDF. The full $400,000 fund remains available to eligible staff at a maximum individual reimbursement level of $750/fiscal year. Two changes made to the administrative processes of HRDF were:

1) Funding allocation
The wellness portion of the HRDF has been detached, enabling an additional $50,000 to be available for use towards job enhancement learning activities. The implementation of the Lifestyle & Wellness Account for benefited employees on January 1, 2013, will provide access to wellness funds for those employees. Employees can still apply to the Fund up to September 30, 2012, for wellness courses.

2) Borrowing
Terms for borrowing funds now have a maximum of a $1,500 cap, allowing more people opportunity to leverage this resource and facilitating faster turnaround of ear marked dollars back into the central fund. This means that now employees only have to wait for one additional fiscal year before being eligible to apply again. Employees can begin applying for borrowing on April 1, 2013.

Impact of Changes
It is likely that staff will come to you with questions regarding these changes. You may wish to answer their questions or direct them to the HRDF website and manual at:

To register for learning opportunities on campus please visit the Learning Shop at:

HRDF Committee Contact:
Cara Jones