Thursday, 8 November 2012

CAST Agreement Salary Scales

Under the CAST Agreement there are two salary scales: 1) for those who do not hold a PhD or equivalent; and 2) for those who hold a PhD or equivalent.

If at the time of hire a staff member does not hold a PhD or equivalent, that staff member is normally placed on a step using the non-PhD salary scale. If the PhD or equivalent is later completed, the staff member will be placed on a step using the PhD salary scale in the next appointment or the next Academic year (July-June), whichever comes first.
The staff member will move to the PhD salary scale to the closest step (but not less than) his/her non-PhD rate. Following placement on the PhD salary scale, any increments are applied using the increment value of the PhD salary scale.

Example: A staff member currently on step 7 of the 2012 non-PhD scale ($6,885 per course, which is higher than step 1 of the PhD scale of $6,823 per course) will move to step 2 of the PhD scale ($7,028 per course). If he/she is eligible for an increment, he/she will then move to step 3 of the PhD scale.

Please contact Sylvia Currie at 780-492-2186 for assistance.