Thursday, 8 November 2012

Payroll Updates

Payroll Operations has several topics to share including: Winter Closure Tips Sheets, Monthly & Semi-Monthly Pay in December, Holding Pay Cheques and the Territory Payroll Tax.

Winter Closure Tip Sheets
The Winter Closure Tip Sheets for Operating and Trust Support Staff employees have been updated for the 2012-13 calendar year. These Tip Sheets provide clarification about eligibility for payment of winter closure. The Holiday/ Winter Closure 2012/2013 - Effect on Pay provides details on how to pay employees who work during the winter closure. For further information visit Statutory Holidays and Winter Closure or contact your Employment and Pay Advisor.

Monthly and Semi-Monthly Pay in December
To ensure the correct processing of both the semi-monthly and monthly pay cycles in December, the December 2012 monthly pay date for all Academic staff covered by the seven AASUA staff agreements will be December 28, 2012. Staff with printed paper pay cheques can pick them up at their department on December 24, 2012. To avoid the issue of needing to pick up the printed cheque on this date, please suggest that staff enroll in Direct Deposit through Bear Tracks self-service as soon as possible.

Non-academic staff, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows paid on the semi-monthly cycle will be paid on December 24, 2012. Printed paper pay cheques will be available to them for distribution on December 20, 2012.

For more information, please visit the Pay Information webpage.

Holding Pay Cheques
If you are holding pay cheques that are less than six months from the cheque issue date they can be mailed to the employee after confirming the employee’s address in PeopleSoft HCM. Please send all stale-dated cheques, that are more than six months past the cheque issue date, to Payroll Operations via campus mail before December 14, 2012.

Territory Payroll Tax
As a result of the Payroll Tax Act (1993), individuals working in either the Northwest Territories or Nunavut are required to pay the respective territory’s 2% Payroll Tax. The payroll tax must be deducted from the employee at the time of payment.

The payroll tax applies to all employees (staff, students, postdoctoral fellows) that work, perform duties, or provide services in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. This tax applies regardless of the employee’s or employer’s province or territory of residence.

Departments/Faculties responsibility:

1) Notify your Employment and Pay Advisor of the Name & Person ID and time period of work for all employees who will be performing work in either territory.

2) Notify the employee/student that the payroll tax will be deducted from their pay.

Important Note: If it is determined at tax reporting time that insufficient payroll tax was deducted for an employee, the department speed code that was charged for payment to the employee will be charged for the shortfall. If there was an over deduction of payroll tax the employee will be refunded.

Please contact your Employment and Pay Advisor if you have any questions about these updates.