Thursday, 8 November 2012

Support Staff Benchmarks Available

In response to the recommendations included in the Review Committee for Job Evaluation report, Compensation & Job Design will make the first category of support staff benchmarks (Administrative) available on the HRS website on November 15, 2012.
The Benchmarks & Sample Job Fact Sheets web page, which will be under revision until November 15th, will include an information page, sample Job Fact Sheets and organizational charts representing a sampling of positions on campus. The benchmarks for other categories such as Finance, IT, Communications, Research Support, and Student Services etc will be added to the Benchmarks and Sample Job Fact Sheets page as soon as each category is ready.

The benchmarks have been designed to:
  • provide easy access to sample Job Fact Sheets
  • assist departments in the development of Job Fact Sheets
  • provide information regarding the types and levels of roles in order to estimate salaries and budget implications of new positions
  • support internal equity by evaluating all positions against the benchmarks
Please provide any feedback you may have to Compensation & Job Design.