Thursday, 8 November 2012

Work Exposure Programs for Persons with Disabilities

OLE and the University of Alberta are collaborating with EmployAbilities and On Site Placement Services to create voluntary opportunities for persons with disabilities to allow them to gain meaningful work experience.

Not only does this program enable University employees to support and engage in community outreach with the broader Edmonton community, it enhances their own individual diversity awareness and skills and help them to complete special projects that have been relegated to the "wish list."

Through the Professionals with Disabilities and the Junior Office Assistant Work Exposure Programs, U of A faculty and staff will be introduced to:
  • inclusive interviewing techniques 
  • implementing workplace accommodations 
  • welcoming newcomers to the workplace 
  • enhancing supervisory skills, and 
  • gaining experience working with individuals with differing abilities 
To learn more about these programs, visit the Employment Equity webpage, view and print the brochure, or contact the Employment Equity advisor at