Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tax Slips: 2012 Update

Payroll Operations would like to share an update about online tax slips, and information about tax slip changes that impact Semi-Monthly paid employees. They would also like to invite your help in spreading the word about online tax slips in Bear Tracks.

Online Tax Slips Available Feb 11th

The 2012 T4 and T4A tax slips will be available online in Bear Tracks starting on February 11, 2013. To increase efficiency and reduce administrative costs of printing approximately 11,000 slips each year, this February will be the last year that Payroll Operations will print the tax slips for mail distribution. Beginning in 2014, Bear Tracks will be the one and only way to view tax slips for current and former employees. This change will enable employees to receive their tax slips much faster than via traditional print and mail methods, and save the University more than $15,000 in administrative costs.

Please help spread the word to new and existing employees, including students with scholarships, about Bear Tracks options for tax slips by asking them to sign in and consent to receive their tax slips online. The process for signing up is fast, easy and only needs to be completed once. Employees that leave the University can continue to use Bear Tracks to view their tax slips as long as they access their account at least once per year. 

2012 Tax Slip Changes for Semi-Monthly Paid Employees
The 2012 tax slips include all earnings paid and deductions incurred between January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. Any payments received in 2013 for earnings from 2012 will be included in the 2013 tax slips. The last semi-monthly pay period included in the 2012 tax slip is the December 1-15, 2012 pay period. The December 16-31, 2012 pay period will appear next year on the 2013 tax slip. Please help us spread the word that only pay cheques or payroll deposits received in 2012 are included in the 2012 T4 and T4A slips.

For more information about the 2012 tax slips, please visit http://www.hrs.ualberta.ca/PayandTaxInfo/TaxInfo/TaxSlips.aspx

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