Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Immigration News

Immigration Services would like to share a reminder about the disclosure of financial assistance for foreign visitors and make you aware of the new version of the Application for a Labour Market Opinion form which is now available on the Human Resource Services - Immigration webpage.

When inviting foreign visitors, hosts are legally obligated to fully disclose any financial assistance that they will, or may, provide during the visitors’ stay, regardless of how the monies will be paid or how expenses will be recovered. Hosts are urged to use the invitation templates at: Human Resource Services - Immigration. The templates have been vetted by immigration and also allow flexibility around whether or not hosts will provide financial assistance.

Service Canada (HRSDC) will no longer accept previous versions of the Application for a Labour Market Opinion. To access the newest version of the form, which was updated recently, as well as the tip sheets for completing it, please check the Human Resource Services - Immigration web page.

For more information or further assistance please contact Academic Services.