Thursday, 14 March 2013

Payroll Updates

Payroll Operations has several updates and reminders to share including Semi-Monthly Schedule changes, reminders about Tuition Remission Forms and Fiscal Year End GL Distributions, and updates to payroll forms. 

Semi-Monthly Pay Schedule Changes

For the Semi-Monthly pay period March 16th to 31st, the timesheet due dates, smart forms pause dates and pay confirm dates have changed. The updated Semi-Monthly Pay Schedule is available on the Pay Administration web page on the HRS website.

Tuition Remission Forms

When a department submits a Tuition Remission form for an employee, the forms should be sent to Student Receivable, Financial Services, 3rd Floor Administration Building for processing. When a Tuition Remission submission is considered a taxable benefit, a Taxable Benefit Form must be submitted to Payroll Operations, 2-60 University Terrace. To learn more about Taxable Benefits, please visit the CRA’s Employers Guide to Taxable Benefits or contact your Employment & Pay Advisor.

Fiscal Year End GL Distributions

April 1 to April 4, 2013 is the time period when you are able to change the accounting date in the GL Distribution function. When processing the GL Distribution transfers, if you want a redistribution applied to the 2013 fiscal year you must change the accounting date to March 31, 2013. All redistributions for the 2013 fiscal year need to be keyed before the end of the day on April 4th. If you process GL Distribution transfers and the date is not changed to March 31, 2013, the redistribution will be applied to the new budget year, 2014.

Payroll Operations is currently reviewing all pay forms and is making minor revisions to the overall look-and-feel of the forms as part of the broader HRS Forms revision project. You will begin to see these new forms published in the HRS Forms Cabinet beginning March 15, 2013.

Please contact your Employment and Pay Advisor if you have any questions about these updates.

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