Thursday, 9 May 2013

Health and Wellness News

Health Promotion & WorkLife Services (HPaWS) would like to let you know about the Not Myself Today campaign which raises awareness about mental health. They also want to encourage you to nominate a team or an outstanding team member for the upcoming University of Alberta Recognition awards.

Not Myself Today

The university is a partner for mental health. The Not Myself Today campaign was created to raise awareness of mental health. Each of us has had a day when we don't feel like ourselves. Imagine living with those feelings day after day and the shame, fear discrimination and lack of treatment and support that goes with it. This is especially true in the workplace where so many of us spend the majority of our day. The Not Myself Today campaign is designed to educate and engage Canadians on the issues of mental health in the workplace throughout the month of May and culminates in a national Not Myself Day @ Work on June 6. Visit the website at for more information.

The university's Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides resources and services to assist staff and faculty in addressing mental health concerns and maintaining good mental health.

University of Alberta Recognition Awards
We are currently accepting applications for the following awards until May 31;

President's Achievement Awards

The President's Achievement Award "Dare to Discover" is a team award designed to inspire and engage members of the campus community, and profile achievements in support of the university's goals. Presentation of this award will highlight achievements directly related to and in support of the Dare of Discover cornerstones: Talented People; Learning, Discovery and Citizenship; Connecting Communities; and Transformative Organization and Support.

Excellence in Leadership

The University of Alberta is committed to providing an environment where faculty, staff and students can not only excel but flourish. In recognition of the critical importance of the quality of the work and learning environment, and the impact this has on the academic experience, the Excellence in Leadership Award has been established. The award is intended to recognize outstanding leaders or leadership teams for their awareness of and attention to issues and concerns that impact the quality of the work and learning environment.

Excellence in Learning Support Awards

The Excellence in Learning Support award is a recent addition to Celebrate! This award is specifically designed to recognize members of the university community whose role does not involve teaching, but who nonetheless directly and significantly contribute to the student learning experience.

For more information, please visit the award web pages for detailed information and nomination criteria for each of the awards. The nomination deadline for these awards is May 31. We encourage your participation by nominating or supporting the nomination of a team or an outstanding member of the university community! To access a list of previous recipients or view award details visit
Please contact Health Promotion & Worklife Services if you have any questions.