Friday, 10 May 2013

Immigration News

Academic Services (Immigration) would like to update you on increased processing time for LMOs, payment of foreign visitors, transitioning from a post-graduate work permit, implied status, and foreign students working on campus during the summer.

Increased Processing Time for LMOs

Service Canada has terminated its Accelerated Labour Market Opinion Program. Although LMO processing time for Professors (all ranks), Chairs and Research Associates will remain at approximately 10 working days, LMO processing for all other positions will now take 12 to 14 weeks. The new processing time is an increase of 10 to 12 weeks over current processing time.

Payment of Foreign Visitors
Recently, there have been misunderstandings about U of A payments to foreign visitors. To avoid confusion, the invitation letters must clearly list whether U of A payments will be monthly, annually, a per diem or one-time payments. Please visit the Foreign Visitors webpage on the Human Resource Services website for more information about invitation letters.

Transitioning from Post-Graduate Work
A labour market opinion (LMO) is required for foreign nationals who are nearing the end of their post-graduate work permit and will be transitioning into permanent jobs. If the LMO is submitted within 90 days of the post-graduate work permit expiring, the permanent position does not need be advertised. If, however, the LMO is submitted more than 90 days after the post-graduate work permit expires, Service Canada now requires the position to be advertised.

Implied Status
Foreign nationals that intend to move from their current job into a new job can continue to work in the current job after the work permit expires providing they:

1) apply for the new work permit before the current work permit expires, and

2) don’t leave Canada between the expiry of the current work permit and the arrival of the new one.

Please note: Once the new work permit arrives for the new job, the foreign national is no longer authorized to work in the old job.

Foreign Students Working on Campus During the Summer
If a foreign student was enrolled full-time in the previous (winter) term,  he/she is eligible to work on campus during the summer break.

Foreign students who will be new to the U of A in the fall of 2013 (regardless of whether or not they were issued a study permit early), have not yet started full-time classes and therefore do not meet Citizenship and Immigration Canada's requirement of being actively engaged in full-time studies. This means that they are not legally entitled to work on campus in the summer of 2013.