Thursday, 12 September 2013

Keying of General Illness Leave

Rehabilitative employment time sheets are provided to a staff member by Health Promotion and WorkLife Services (HPaWS) when they are using General Illness leave and begin a return to work, or when they reduce hours by using less than full time general illness leave. The time sheets are not a replacement for the keying of actual general illness leave which must still be entered by the department. In recent weeks, HRS has noticed that keying of illness leave is sometimes not up to date, and there are discrepancies between what is reported on rehabilitative time sheets and general illness utilization that has been keyed. We ask that departments keep both the timesheets and general illness leave keying as accurate as possible.

The rehab time sheets are used to adjust entitlements such as vacation accruals as well as monitor progress in an employee's return to regular duties. They are signed by the supervisor as well as the staff member, and need to be an accurate reporting of time worked for each pay period. HPaWS
does not have authority to key general illness hours used by an employee. Up-to-date information in Peoplesoft is required so HRS can confirm remaining illness entitlements to the employee and supervisor accurately. Departments can assist by keying actual general illness leave taken, as part of their standard leave reporting procedures.