Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Academic Services Updates

Academic Services would like to share reminders about Academic Smart Forms, Cast Agreement Salary Scales and provide clarification on CAST Staff Member Increment Eligibility.

Academic Smart Forms

All levels of education should be included when creating Academic Smart Forms (e.g., adding a Bachelor’s degree as well as entering a Master’s degree). When a staff member’s level of education changes (e.g., Staff Member earns a PhD), the new education information needs to be added.

CAST Agreement Salary Scales

Under the CAST Agreement there are two salary scales: 1) for those who do not hold a PhD or equivalent; and 2) for those who hold a PhD or equivalent.

If at the time of hire a staff member does not hold a PhD or equivalent, that staff member is normally placed on a step using the non-PhD salary scale. If the PhD or equivalent is later completed, the staff member will be placed on a step using the PhD salary scale in the next appointment or the next Academic year (July-June), whichever comes first.

The staff member will move to the PhD salary scale to the closest step (but not less than) his/her non-PhD rate. Following placement on the PhD salary scale, any increments are applied using the increment value of the PhD salary scale.

Example: A staff member currently on step 7 of the 2013 non-PhD scale ($6,999 per course, which is higher than step 1 of the PhD scale of $6,936 per course) will move to step 2 of the PhD scale ($7,144 per course). If he/she is eligible for an increment, he/she will then move to step 3 of the PhD scale.

CAST Staff Member Increment Eligibility

Human Resource Services has received questions about when an increment should be awarded to staff members governed by the Contract Academic Staff: Teaching Agreement. Please visit the Procedures for Implementing Salary Increases for Staff Employed under the Contract Academic Staff: Teaching Agreement resource on the Academic Agreement Resources webpage for more information.

Please contact if you have any questions about these topics.