Thursday, 12 December 2013

Payroll Updates

Payroll Operations would like to remind you about lump sum payments for support staff, pay dates for December, the deadline for holding paycheques, CPP and EI deductions, and update you about tax changes for 2014.

Reminder: Lump Sum payment Coming December 24
Support Staff who are actively employed by the University of Alberta on November 30, 2013 will receive a one-time payment up to a maximum of $400 which is subject to statutory deductions. Support Staff who have worked full-time for the last 12 months are eligible for the full amount; others will be pro-rated. Lump sum payments will be paid to Support Staff via direct deposit on December 24. Resource Planning has confirmed that lump sum payments for base budgeted operating positions will be centrally funded. A one-time budget transfer will take place in January or February equivalent to the actual lump sum payments processed by Payroll Operations. For more information please visit the Lump Sum Payment Webpage.

Pay Dates for December
A reminder that the December pay day for staff will be on December 24 for semi-monthly staff and December 30 for monthly staff. The university will be closed for holiday and winter closure from December 25, 2013 to January 1, 2014. Please recommend that staff sign up for direct deposit to avoid having to pick up a paper cheque.

Holding Paycheques
If you are holding paycheques that are less than six months from the cheque issue date they can be mailed to the employee after confirming the employee’s address in PeopleSoft HCM. Stale-dated cheques, that are more than six months past the cheque issue date, should be sent to Payroll Operations via campus mail before December 13, 2013.

Tax Changes
The Federal Basic Tax Amount has been increased to $11,138 from $11,038. If you have non‐basic tax exemptions, please submit an updated 2014 TD1 Personal Tax Credits Form and if necessary, a 2014 TD1 Provincial Tax Credits form from the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) Deductions
Payroll Operations would like to remind you that contributions to CPP and EI will commence on January 1 for those who had reached the 2013 maximum contribution amounts. For 2014 once the yearly maximum contribution amounts are reached the contributions will cease.

Please contact your Employment and Pay Advisor if you have any questions about these updates.