Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February is Bullying Prevention Month

Join us from February 3 to February 26 as the University of Alberta hosts Bullying Prevention Month at the University of Alberta. This initiative is an opportunity for students, staff and faculty members to learn more about both the impacts and resources for dealing with bullying on campus.
On February 26, 2014 our campus community will celebrate Pink T-Shirt Day as the culmination of these efforts to raise awareness about bullying and harassment on campus. Pink T-Shirt Day is an event that is marked across Canada - more information can be found on the Pink Shirt Day website.

It is interesting to note that the University of Alberta is different to most other Canadian post-secondary institutions. We have a definition of bullying in our human rights policy, which is called the Discrimination, Harassment and Duty to Accommodate Policy.

Human Resource Services has several resources available to support those who are dealing with bullying such as: administration of the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) 780.428.7587, the Postdoctoral Fellows assistance Program (PDAP) 780.428.7587 and the Graduate students Assistance Program (GSAP) 780.428.7587. Staff and faculty are also welcome to speak with a Rehabilitation and WorkLife Consultant at Health Promotion and WorkLife Services if they are experiencing issues at work that are impacting their well-being.