Thursday, 15 May 2014

REVISED: Consent to Collect and Verify Information Form

When recruiting into any position, whether it be a dean, department receptionist or a laboratory technician, it is important to conduct reference checks in order to obtain a better sense of candidate suitability for your area as well as the the University as a whole. The language on the Consent to Collect and Verify Information form has been revised to capture all positions that exist at the University. Ensure you have the revised Consent to Collect and Verify Information form for your candidates to sign prior to checking their references. This form can be found in the HRS Forms Cabinet under Recruitment. If you have any questions, please contact Recruitment Services.

Territory Payroll Tax

As a result of the Payroll Tax Act (1993), individuals working in either the Northwest Territories or Nunavut are required to pay the respective territory’s 2% Payroll Tax. The payroll tax must be deducted from the employee at the time of payment.