Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Temporary Academic Merit Increment Process Change

HRS has implemented a new process for recording merit increments awarded to temporary academics into PeopleSoft, which have not historically been captured. To ensure Employment Service is aware that an increment has been awarded, please include a statement in the comments box of the PAF or ePAF. Including comments to explain the actions of a PAF/ePAF is encouraged under all circumstances.

If an increment is being awarded at the same time as a rehire, HRS will now record the Reason Code as “Rehire With Merit”. Likewise, merit increments awarded mid-appointment for temporary academics will now be coded using “Merit” as the Reason Code, the same as the coding for continuing Academics.

These two changes will make merit increment history for the temporary academics more apparent in PeopleSoft, which will in turn make determining future increment eligibility much easier for all involved in the coming years.

Merit increments for temporary academics will be recorded with these reason codes for any increment awarded August 1, 2014 and onward.