Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pre-Upgrade to HCM - Position Clean up

In an effort to assist the HCM upgrade project team and improve accuracy of position data, positions that are currently vacant and have not been filled for a set number of years will be ​inactivated on October 31, 2014. The ​positions we are targetting include all Regular (Continuing & Non-Established) positions that have not been filled within the last seven years and all Auxiliary positions that have not been filled within the last three years.

T​he position clean up includes those that are no​ longer considered part of the current, active workforce and organizational structure of the University. Positions that are inactivated can be reactivated when the position needs to be reintroduced to the organization.

For Regular (Continuing) positions, Budget Administration will be notified and will contact Faculties/Departments to consult them on what to do with the budget for the positions. For any inquiries regarding the inactivation process, please contact or your Compensation and Job Design Consultant. For any inquiries regarding the budget process, please contact Budget Administration directly.