Thursday, 12 March 2015

Department ID changing to 6 digits

Effective April 1, the University will change the process of how departments are numbered within the Peoplesoft HCM. Department numbers within the HCM will now be six digits, using the same number as the Financials system.

Since the beginning of PeopleSoft at the U of A, departments within the HCM have used a 7 (seven) digit number while departments within financials have only used 6 (six) digit numbers. HCM department numbers were typically the 6 digit Finance number with a 1 or letter appended to the end (i.e., Department 740100 in Financials was 7401001 or 740100A in HCM). To better align the PeopleSoft systems on campus and take advantage of system integration, beginning April 1, 2015, all departments in HCM will now be a 6 digit number, using the same department numbers that are used within Financials. (i.e., 7401001 becomes 740100). In almost all cases, the last digit of the HCM department number will be dropped.

To implement this change, Human Resource Services has been working with the Senior Financial Officers of all the affected areas to explain the change and address any potential numbering duplicates. HRS and IST have developed automated processes to update all employees' job records, position numbers, in-progress Smart Forms, HCM security as well as other data impacted by this change. Departments, units and faculties across campus will not be required to submit ePAF (Smart Forms), PAF (personnel action forms) or PIF (position information forms) to change their employees to the new numbers effective April 1.

How does this change impact you?
For all employee job actions (i.e., new appointments, rehires, salary changes, etc.) effective April 1, 2015 or later, you will now be required to use your 6 digit department number on your ePAF (Smart Forms), PAF or PIF forms. Retroactive actions prior to April 1, 2015 must still use the 7 digit HCM department number, however HRS will automatically correct the number with an April 1 change. Any Smart Forms that are already in progress will automatically be adjusted if necessary and you will not be required to withdraw and resubmit the forms.

When running HCM operational reports that allow you to select a department number or department range (i.e., Salary and Benefit Expenditure report), please use the 6 digit department numbers to retrieve data on or after April 1, 2015. On reports where historical data is also available (i.e., Position Budget, Position Detail, Staff Detail report), you may need to use both the old 7 digit department number range and the new 6 digit numbers to retrieve information effective prior to April 1, 2015.

If you are an authorized approver requesting HCM access for your staff, you will use the 6 digit department numbers in the department access section after April 1.

Are Speedcodes Changing as a Result?
No, speedcodes currently use the Financials department number as part of the chart string and are not directly impacted by the HCM department number change.

Will department names in HCM change?
No, department naming will not be required to change as a result of the 6 six digit change. If you notice that the HCM department name is incorrect, please contact and it will be corrected.

Overall, the impact to you and your faculty and staff should be minimal as HRS and IST are automating as much of the change as possible. Aligning department numbers between HCM and Financials will now allow easier integration and less manual processing when creating, updating or inactivating departments.

Who Can I Contact for More Information?
If you want to know more or have concerns with this change, please contact HR Systems and Reporting at or the Senior Financial Officer in your faculty/unit.