Thursday, 9 July 2015

New AEGS Salary Scales - Effective September 1, 2015

Previously published 2015-16 salary scales for the Academically Employed Graduate Students (AEGS) collective agreement have been modified to correspond with the recent government decision to roll back planned tuition increases. In the previously published 2015-16 salary scales, both the salary and award components of the stipend were increased. However, in the revised 2015-16 salary scales, the Award portion of the stipend will remain the same as the 2014-15 award rate and the salary portion of the stipend increases to achieve an overall increase of 1.5%.

These new rates take effect for all graduate students who are appointed as GTAs, GRAs, and other 'casual' academically-related employment other than assistantships, starting September 1, 2015 or later. The new salary scales have now been updated in PeopleSoft HCM and the scales and AEGS Agreement have been published on the HRS website at and Other pages related to the graduate student jobcodes are also updated at

Several faculties have already submitted GTA/GRA appointments for the fall term using the old salary scales. Human Resource Services has completed a review of those fall appointments and determined where we will need to make adjustments to the award and salary portion of the stipend. HRS will update the award and salary components without requiring faculties to submit new Smart Forms or pay action forms. In cases where the minimum salary or award rates of the September 1 appointments are below the minimum established in the agreement, HRS we contact the department to review the action required.

Please ensure that any new GTA/GRA appointments effective September 1, 2015 or later are using the newly published award and minimum salary rates. The AEGS publish salary rates dictate the fixed award and minimum salaries that must be paid within each pay scale.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or your Employment Advisor.