Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Changes to General Illness and Medical Leave Effective November 2, 2015

Effective November 2, 2015, Organizational Health and Effectiveness (OHE), Human Resource Services will be making changes to how we support you through an absence due to illness or injury. We are pleased to welcome Homewood Health Inc. (HHI) as our partner in providing you with an enhanced level of service. HHI’s team of professional Health Support Consultants and medical experts will provide expertise and access to information and resources, timely service and medical confidentiality. This complements OHE’s expertise in Return to Work and Accommodation planning and support.

Why are Changes Being Made?

This change comes as a result of extensive consultation and feedback with internal and external stakeholders including managers, supervisors, staff members, central and department human resource professionals and AASUA and NASA.

The primary goals of this partnership are:
  • ensuring safe, healthy, productive and sustainable return to work and/or stay at work for faculty/staff members and 
  • stability and productivity within the work unit and for the institution.

What’s the Same?
  • Collective agreement provisions and eligibility for General Illness, Medical Leave and Long Term Disability benefits
  • Requirement to report illness absences to immediate manager/supervisor and/or the department chair
  • Return to Work and Accommodation support through OHE’s Return to Work Consultants
  • Focus on Early Return to Work as medically recommended

New Features
  • HHI’s expert Health Support Consultants (HSCs) will facilitate access to rehabilitation and health recovery support for staff members
  • OHE’s expert Return to Work Consultants (RTWCs)will provide staff and managers/supervisors with assistance and support in return to work planning and accommodations

New Process

Detailed information about the new process will be available on the Human Resource Services’ website on Monday , November 2, 2015.

Homewood Health is a Canadian, private health management company. They are a leader in their industry and their services focus on helping people and organizations get better. HHI offers a unique and comprehensive continuum of care that ensures people get the help they need, when they need it. With over 130 years of experience in physical and mental health and addictions, they create, innovate, and collaborate every day to improve care and improve lives.

Please direct any questions about these changes to Organizational Health and Effectiveness, Human Resource Services at org.health@ualberta.ca