Wednesday, 13 April 2016

HR Process Changes for Special Sessions Hires

Further to the communication sent out last week by Special Sessions (Registrar's Office), the funding reimbursement and the hiring processes for Special Sessions courses are now separate. The current Special Sessions Pay Action Form (PAF) will no longer be used and Departments must hire employees for Special Sessions courses in the same way they would hire employees for non-Special Sessions courses.

Although this change is effective May 1, 2016, Human Resource Services is allowing a transition period for the hiring of employees for Special Sessions courses and will continue to accept appointments submitted on the Special Sessions Pay Action Form for both the Spring and Summer 2016 terms. As of Fall (September) 2016, all hires for Special Sessions courses must be submitted according to the appropriate Collective Agreement as the Special Sessions PAFs will no longer be available or accepted.

For the updated process for hiring Special Sessions courses, please see the Hiring for Special Sessions Courses webpage.

If you have questions as to the appropriate PAF or ePAF and appointment letter to use, please contact or visit

If you have any questions related to the new reimbursement related to Special Sessions - please visit the following website at