Monday, 11 April 2016

Voluntary Personal Leave Plan Cancelled for Support Staff

Since 2011, the University has publicly offered the voluntary Personal Leave Plan (PLP) annually to support staff and academic staff. Eligible employees who participate in this voluntary program apply for five days of leave without pay and have the cost of the leave deducted in equal installments over the twelve month plan period beginning in July 1 and ending June 30. All leave days are tracked by the employee's department or unit and must be taken within the plan period.

During this round of negotiations, the NASA bargaining team raised concerns with the University's administration of the PLP program. This was a surprise to the University given NASA has not formally raised any concerns with this voluntary program over the past 5 years. Given the late date these concerns were raised, regrettably, the parties were unable to resolve the issue and, as a result, the PLP program for 2016/17 is cancelled. As the University is currently in negotiations with NASA, we are unfortunately limited in our ability to provide a more comprehensive response to support staff on the reasons resolution was not reached.

NASA employees who are interested in a leave of absence without pay (under Article 22.01 - Part A, Article 11.01 - Part B and Article 16.01 - Part C) can inquire directly with their supervisor or their Human Resource Services contact.