Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Processing GSA Appointments

In regard to the ratification of the 2016-18 Graduate Student Assistantship Collective Agreement, Human Resource Services has now applied all updates to HCM as well as smart forms. New appointments for September 1, 2016 and later can be processed as per the following guidelines.

To process all GSA Appointment for September 1, 2016 (or later):

For New Hires – smart forms have been modified to reflect change in GSA categories as listed in the grid below:

Old Code
New Code
Short Term Academically-Related Employment

For Rehires – In order to accommodate any retro hires prior to September 1, 2016, HRS requires academic units to submit paper pay action forms which can be found in the Forms Cabinet.

Appointments in Excess of 12 hours – In rare cases, approval may be granted by the Provost (or designate) for a graduate student to work as a GTA/GRA over the 12-hour limit (see clause 8.13 & 9.11). In this case, a paper form must be used, which can be found in the Forms Cabinet.

Previously Submitted Smart Forms
HRS is currently reviewing all forms submitted for graduate assistantship appointments for the fall term where the old salary scale was used. Departments will be required to resubmit forms with the correct award and salary amounts. For any paper forms received for September appointments, HRS will require departments to resubmit the forms with the correct award and salary components.

Please ensure that any graduate assistantship appointments effective September 1, 2016, or later are prepared using the newly published award and minimum salary rates. The GSA published salary rates dictate the fixed award and minimum salaries that must be paid within each pay scale.

Letter of Appointment
The Department must prepare a Letter of Appointment as set out in Appendix A of the GSA Collective Agreement. The Appointment Letter can be found in the Forms Cabinet. The Letter of Appointment must be signed by the Appointing Officer (i.e. Dean/Chair/Assoc Chair) and must be acknowledged and signed by the graduate student. If a student is being appointed as a GRA/GRAF and supported from restricted funds, the Letter of Appointment must also be signed by the faculty member holding the funds. The Appointment Letter must be attached to the HR Smart Forms. HRS will accept smart forms for GSA appointments without the letter of appointment until October 1, 2016. Any appointment forms received after October 1, 2016, must be accompanied by a letter of appointment. Forms will be returned to the department in the absence of the appointment letter.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we work through the implementation of the new Graduate Student Collective Agreement. We also appreciate your continued efforts to help ensure staff/students are paid both accurately and on time.

If you have any processing questions, please contact