Thursday, 13 October 2016

Support Temporary Job Codes No Longer Available

Effective November 1, 2016, temporary job codes will no longer be available for use in HCM 9.2. On a go forward basis, when hiring Casual (I, II & Students) and Auxiliary hourly employees, departments will be required to choose the corresponding job code for the type of work performed, the grade level and hours of work per week.

The App “Job code Search” has been developed to facilitate choosing the correct job code when hiring employees - found here:

You can also find more information related to Job Codes and the app found on Job Code Directory webpage.

Employment Services and Job & Organizational Design, in collaboration with the HR Partners, will review current temporary job code assigned in HCM and will work with departmental HR contacts to place existing employees in the correct job code. 

When hiring a Casual Level 1 & Casual Level 1 - FT UofA Student employees, the job code will now reflect the actual hours worked, not the generic 40 hours as was used prior. Please note - there is no change to the Overtime rule of 40 hours. 

If you have any question related to job codes - please contact

If you have any questions related to processing appointments - please contact