Thursday, 9 February 2017

Ensuring Individuals are Enrolled in Direct Deposit

Without direct deposit information payments such as salary, honorariums, or graduate scholarships are issued in the form of a cheque held for pickup at Human Resource Services. Ensure new employees and students who are receiving their first payments are paid via direct deposit by submitting an Electronic Banking/Direct Deposit Form along with a Pay Action Form before the monthly or bi-monthly cutoff.

The University of Alberta requires all individuals receiving payment in the form of salary, wages, stipends, allowance, graduate scholarships, fellowships and honorariums to be enrolled in direct deposit as outlined in the Payment by Electronic Banking/Direct Deposit Procedure

Employees can access their direct deposit information using the Employees tab in Bear Tracks. However, new employees and students who have not received payments before will not have access to the Employees tab until a Pay Action Form has been processed. 

Therefore we ask that you submit an Electronic Banking/Direct Deposit form along with the Pay Action Form to ensure these individuals receive their first payments as a direct deposit. The Electronic Banking/Direct Deposit form can be found under Pay Administration in the HRS Forms Cabinet.

For more information, visit the Direct Deposit webpage or contact your department pay advisor using the Find Your HR Contact app.