Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Extension of Probation for Non-academic Employees

In accordance with the NASA/University of Alberta collective agreements, an employee’s probationary period can be extended for a specified period of time when the employee has not fully demonstrated competence in assigned job duties and required behaviours. An extension may be granted where the supervisor has discussed and documented concerns related to the employee’s performance, skills, attendance and general conduct.

The employee must have been made aware of the concerns, and it is believed with further coaching, training and support, he/she could be brought up to the required standard. Another reason that can warrant an extension is if the employee has been absent from the workplace for a period of time during the probation.

It is not appropriate to extend a probation to allow the department more time to assess the employee suitability where they have been unable, due to the cyclical or intermittent nature of the work, to perform all parts of the job.

Supervisors should review an employee’s progress during probation at least every 4 to 6 weeks. The review meetings should be a platform for the supervisor to provide constructive feedback to the employee of how they are doing in the role and whether they are making the expected progress in their learning and contributions. The supervisor should keep records of such meetings and send a confirmation email to the employee.

For advice and guidance on managing probation (and if you are contemplating extending an employee’s probation), please contact your Human Resource Partner.