Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Vacation Carryover for Support Staff

There has been a change in the definition of vacation carryover for support staff. Going forward, vacation accrued by an employee in one year is for use in the next - it is not considered carryover. Vacation carryover exists only if an employee has not used their full annual vacation allotment in the year following the accrual. This does not preclude an employee from taking vacation in the year that it is accrued.

For example:
  • If an employee commenced employment on April 1, 2016, and took no vacation in their first year of employment, they would have 15 days vacation accrued at the end of year 1 (March 31, 2017). 
  • At the beginning of year 2, the 15 days accrued will not be considered “vacation carryover” because the days accrued in year 1 are for use in year 2. 
  • During year 2, the employee should plan to use these 15 days of vacation and may also choose to use any vacation days that are accrued in year 2.
  • If the employee uses only 10 days vacation in year 2 they will have 20 days in their vacation bank at the end of year 2 (5 days remaining from year 1, and 15 days accrued in year 2).
  • Approval to carry over the 5 days would be required.
  • The 15 days accrued in year 2 would not be considered vacation carryover because they are earned in year 2 for use in year 3.
The determination as to whether or not a “carryover” situation exists can only be made at the end of the vacation year (i.e. March 31). Departments should be working with the employees at least by mid-year to schedule any vacation that, if unused, would take them into an overage at the end of the vacation year.

If you have any questions about vacation carryover, please contact your Human Resource Partner.