Friday, 21 July 2017

New PeopleSoft HCM Resources on the HRS Website

Human Resource Services (HRS) has gathered all information about learning PeopleSoft HCM into one place on the HRS website. Additionally, webpages about eForms, salary and benefit adjustment, and time and labour administration have been created or updated on the website.

These resources take the place of information on the Service Excellence & Efficiency (SE2) project site and the PeopleSoft User Training Program site.

Learning PeopleSoft

A new webpage called Learning PeopleSoft HCM has been created under the Learning and Development section of the HRS website. This is the first place to go for learning about PeopleSoft HCM.

Online learning resources include a PeopleSoft 101 session and tutorials based on your role as manager, supervisor, or team lead. There is also a collection of learning reference materials including materials about eForms, salary and benefit adjustments and time and labour administration.

Visit the Learning PeopleSoft HCM web page to view all the resources.

Web Pages

In addition to the learning resources offered on the Learning PeopleSoft HCM web page, the eForms web page has been updated with current information, and web pages outlining salary and benefit adjustments and administering time and labour have been created. Visit the Employment and Pay Administration section and the Time and Labour Administration section to view this information.

For help with PeopleSoft HCM, please refer to the diagram on the Learning PeopleSoft HCM web page

For assistance with employment and pay administration, contact your Employment Advisor or Payroll Assistant.