Friday, 18 August 2017

Using Job Match When Considering Foreign Nationals

As of August 28, 2017 there will be an additional step when considering foreign nationals for high-wage non-faculty positions. A new rating system called Job Match will match job seekers registered in the Canada Job Bank with advertised positions, and employers will be required to invite candidates who have a certain number of stars in relation to the position.

This change affects high wage non-faculty positions which must be advertised on the Canada Job Bank such as Faculty Service Officers, Librarians, Administrative and Professional Officers, Sessional and Other Temporary Staff. This additional step is not required when considering foreign nationals for faculty positions such as Professors, Assistant Professors, and Associate Professors.

The Job Match system will allow employers to see anonymous profiles of registered job seekers that match the skills and requirements outlined in your Canada Job Bank job posting. Each match will be rated using a star system of one to five stars. The more stars received for a match, the greater the compatibility between their advertised position and the anonymous job seeker.

Once a job advertisement is posted on the Canada Job Bank, employers will be required to invite all job seekers that have a four star rating or more and who are matched within the first 30 days to apply for the position. The Job Match system is only focused on Canadians and Permanent Residents. 

What does this mean for you? One extra step in your recruitment process. When advertising for high-wage non-faculty positions, you will need to log into the Canada Job Bank system within the first 30 days of the advertisement and click the Job Match button. You will be directed to a page that will show profiles of job seekers that have a four star rating or more. You can then select the "invite to apply" button and it will directly​ send an email to that candidate.

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