Thursday, 30 November 2017

University of Alberta Sexual Violence Resources

Would you know what to do if someone disclosed an experience of sexual violence to you? How would you respond? Where would you look for information? Get to know the available resources, such as the Receiving a Disclosure binder tab, the new Sexual Violence Policy, and the Options, Services and Resources for Those who have Experienced Sexual Violence information document. A wealth of other resources are available from the Sexual Assault Centre.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Updating Information in the New Find A Person Application

Information Services and Technology (IST) has been working to build the next iteration of the Find a Person application. The new Find a Person will allow staff to edit their personal directory listing based on information coming from PeopleSoft. If information in PeopleSoft is misspelled, HR Contacts should work with the Senior Financial Authority in their area to submit a change request to HR Systems & Reporting.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Receiving a Receipt for the Employer Compliance Fee

When we process a Foreign Visitor Category Assessment form, we pay the Employer Compliance Fee. We then send a receipt to the originator of the form and the department HR contact, and at a later date charge this amount to the speed code identified on the form. When the originator of the form receives our receipt for Employer Compliance Fee, they should ensure that a copy is forwarded to the individual in a department responsible for financial matters. This ensures the financial person is aware of the nature of the expense when their speed code is charged. If requesting a receipt for the Employer Compliance Fee, please check with the originator of the form or the Human Resource Contact for the department before contacting Immigration Services. More information can be found on the Inviting Foreign Visitors – Frequently Asked Questions web page.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

When Staff are Injured at Work

Winter is upon us! Are you aware of what to do if an employee slips and falls or is injured at work? Whether or not time is lost due to injury, both the supervisor and staff member are responsible to report the incident or injury within 72 hours to the WCB. Find more information on WCB processes and links to forms on our WCB Reporting web page. WCB and Homewood Health partner to support staff in their recovery while the Return to Work Consultants facilitate the return to work when an injury has resulted in a time loss from work, or there is a need for modification as result of the injury. More information about the health recovery supports available can be found on the Injury and Illness web page.