Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Updating Information in the New Find A Person Application

Information Services and Technology (IST) has been working to build the next iteration of the Find a Person application. The new Find a Person will allow staff to edit their personal directory listing based on information coming from PeopleSoft. If information in PeopleSoft is misspelled, HR Contacts should work with the Senior Financial Authority in their area to submit a change request to HR Systems & Reporting.

Since the last announcement, IST has focused their attention on conducting engagement sessions with some key faculties and departments across the university, reviewing feedback, and implementing changes to the application.Much of the feedback expressed interest in lessening restrictions on directory listings; specifically who has access to make changes and what fields can be changed. Therefore the new Find a Person will allow all staff to edit their personal directory listing. This release of Find a Person is scheduled for November 29, 2017.

Impact to HR Contacts

There are no changes to current HR roles or responsibilities with the new Find a Person. In this iteration of Find a Person, contact card data will be populated by source systems such as PeopleSoft. Though populated from a source system, this information may appear incorrect to staff and may result in an increase in volume of change requests to HR Contacts.

Updating user information in Find a Person

If staff wish to edit fields such as their job title, room number, or phone number, you can direct them to make changes to their contact card in the new Find a Person edit tool. In the edit tool, staff can override existing information and update content as needed. Updating this information changes the user’s individual contact card information only; it does not update the source data in PeopleSoft.

Requesting updates to PeopleSoft data

In the event a department name or building name is misspelled in the pre-populated drop down list in Find a Person, HR Systems & Reporting will need to assist departments in the correct process for requesting a change to this information in PeopleSoft. Users should be directed to contact their Senior Financial Authority to follow correct process in requesting these changes. Updating this information will change the source data in PeopleSoft and will in turn, change information in Find a Person.

For information on changes to Find a Person, visit or contact

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