Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Tips for Approving Employee Self Entry of Time

Here are clarifications for time approvers, including how to address an incorrect submission, the necessity of approving changes to the time entry line, and how to approve the premium portion of banked time.

Do Not Use Deny Payable Time

Do not use Deny payable time – Use Push Back or Correct the transaction on behalf of the employee.

When Deny is used, the system terminates the approval process. Denied transactions will never be removed or paid, and that same time reporting code/quantity will never be processed or paid on that date. The Supervisor/Approver should either push back the transaction or correct the transaction on behalf of the employee.

Off- Setting Entries

When viewing the details of an employee's Payable Time, you may see rows with a negative entry. These are called offsetting entries and will appear when an approved transaction row is corrected, changed, or updated. The negative line zero’s out the original line and a new positive line is entered. This is all done automatically by the system. A negative row indicates that something was changed on the original line such as the TRC (time reporting code), override rate, combo code, or quantity. These lines need to be approved by the Supervisor/Approver to ensure that all payable time rows are balanced; these transactions should never be denied or pushed back.

Premium Portion of Banked Time

The premium portion of Banked Time (TRC 660) must be approved with the corresponding over time hours. This premium is how HCM calculates the banked hours worked at either @1.5 hours or @ double time.

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