Thursday, 8 February 2018

Reporting an Illness/Injury

Managers, supervisors and HR professionals who have a faculty, support or MAPS staff member on a medical leave are responsible to complete the Homewood Health Inc. (HHI) Online Notification tool (OLN) at to initiate a referral. Further, because the University of Alberta supports early intervention with Stay At Work assistance, the OLN is also used to initiate a Stay At Work referral either by the manager/supervisor. The staff member may also initiate a self-referral.

To ensure appropriate services are provided to staff members early on, it is essential the OLN is completed, then HHI will be able to contact the staff member early into their illness leave. It has been shown that early intervention can reduce the duration of absence. 

A safe and timely return to work benefits the staff member by enhancing recovery and reducing disability. It also preserves a skilled and stable workforce for employers and society and reduces demands on health and social services as well as on disability plans. (Canadian Medical Association, 2013)