Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A New Way to Find HR Information

Human Resource Services (HRS) has migrated our websites to the current version of Sitecore, the institutional content management system.

As part of the update, we worked with the University Relations digital team to assess our goals, requirements and content. As a result of the findings, content was split into two websites based on audience:

Human Resource Services -

The HRS website is for human resource practitioners, management, and supervisors. It includes information on hiring, paying, managing and supporting employees.

Faculty and Staff -

Employees can now find all the information they need on the institutional Faculty and Staff web page. This includes information on employment, agreements, employee benefits, support for life events, resources for health and wellbeing, opportunities for learning and development and information about salary and tax.

As a result of the change, the HRS website now resides on the the secure ualberta domain. Our new address is Please update your bookmarks. 

If you encounter any issues while using the new site, please use the Website Feedback form at the bottom left of the HRS website.