Thursday, 15 March 2018

Conflict of Interest in Hiring and Employment

University staff members are required to declare a conflict of interest when they may be or are involved in the hiring and employment of a family member or associated individual, or if a change in relationship occurs which redefines the status of an employee to that of a family member or associated individual.

University staff members who hire and supervise others are required to abide by established rules, legislation and procedures that relate to hiring and employment. A University staff member is considered to be in a conflict of interest if they hire or employ a family member or other person with whom they have a close personal or business relationship (otherwise referred to as an “associated individual”).

When hiring staff, whether for permanent, temporary or seasonal work, a staff member may not participate in the hiring process or decision to employ if a family member or associated individual is a candidate for the job. In these situations, detailed records of the steps taken in the hiring process must be kept, and if the family member or associated individual is selected for the role, the University staff member may not be involved in a formal reporting relationship with the person.

Matters related to the terms of employment, performance reviews, compensation, benefits, and formal working conditions of the family member or associated individual must be the responsibility of a neutral party.

For more detailed information about University staff members’ responsibilities in managing conflict of interest in employment practices, please refer to the Managing Conflict of Interest in Employment Procedure, or speak with your HR Manager, HR Partner, or Faculty and Staff Relations.