Thursday, 11 October 2018

Supporting Staff Health Recovery

We all have roles and responsibilities to work collaboratively with faculty and support staff members when there are medical issues that impact their ability to perform duties and/or to be at work. The university in partnership with Homewood Health Inc. (HHI) provides services and resources to support the health recovery and ensure a safe, healthy, sustainable return to work and/or stay at work for all staff.

HHI’s role is to develop a rehabilitation/recovery plan to assist staff members through their medical challenges and to resume partial or full work duties as soon as medically indicated. HHI works with faculty and staff members to collect the proper medical documentation required to meet the Collective Agreement requirements. Medical reporting forms (General Illness for Support Staff and Medical Certificate for Academic Staff), as well as the Online Notification form can be found at Injury and Illness for Managers and Supervisors.

Departments/faculties are required to submit an Online Notification to HHI. 
For faculty staff and MAPS:
  • if they have been on a medical leave and absent from their duties for 20 days, or 
  • if it is expected that they will be away longer than 20 days  from the start. 
For support staff: 
  • if the injury/illness is initially expected to be greater than 10 working days, or 
  • if the illness/injury continues past 10 days. 
For more information please email