Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Position Information Form Process Updated

The process for submitting the Position Information Form (PIF) has changed, as both the Employment Services and Job Design and Evaluation teams within Human Resource Services share responsibilities surrounding position management.

  • All PIF's for encumbered positions should be submitted to Employment Services
  • PIF's for vacant Academic Teaching Staff (ATS), Faculty, Faculty Service Officer (FSO), Librarian, and Sessional Librarian positions should also be submitted to Employment Services
  • PIF's for vacant NASA Support, Academic Professional Officer (APO), Management and Professional Staff (MAPS), Temporary Administrative & Professional Staff (TAPS), and Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS) positions should be submitted to Job Design and Evaluation 
A fully complete PIF will speed up the processing of the PIF, including position number, incumbent name, employee ID #, etc.  Any relevant or additional information should be included in the comments field.

The PIF has been changed to include these instructions. As before, the PIF can be found in the HRS Forms Cabinet.

If you have any questions related to position management, please contact or