Thursday, 17 January 2019

Manager and Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities for Absences Due to Illness/Injury

Managers and supervisors play an important role when a staff member is absent due to illness or injury, during the period of health recovery, and in the return to work process. In addition to ensuring staff are aware of expectations and procedures for reporting absence due to illness or injury, managers and supervisors are key participants in ensuring information required to appropriately verify and administer the absence is obtained. This includes timely and accurate entry of all medically-required leave into PeopleSoft HCM (as required by the specific collective agreement).

Departmental HR should be advised when an absence extends for longer than 3 days to ensure appropriate medical documentation can be obtained as needed to support the staff member’s absence. For absences longer than 10 days for support staff, or 20 days for academic staff, the University’s third party disability management provider, Homewood Health (HHI), must be advised (complete the OnLine Notification form).

For lengthy absences, it is beneficial for managers and supervisors to maintain supportive communication with the staff member to ensure they continue to feel connected to the workplace. This also helps to ensure awareness of your staff member’s status and estimated return to work date. Managers and supervisors will participate in planning meetings when the staff member is ready to return to work, and will provide ongoing support to the staff member during the return to work process.

For detailed information about manager and supervisor roles for absences due to illness or injury, please visit the Human Resource Services website or contact your Departmental HR Contact, a Human Resource Partner or Return to Work Consultant in Human Resource Services.